I am 22, my name is Darya. I am obsessed with hockey, cities and human beauty. Chicago Blackhawks are my boys.


Deadpool's sexuality


12/03/13 edit: Tonight on Twitter, Deadpool writer Gerry Duggan confirmed that Deadpool is queer, describing him as being omnisexual which is often used interchangeably with pansexual (a more inclusive form of bisexuality) so the following should now be read in the context of how this aspect of…


The only man who wants to see me again next week is my therapist.



GQ - Michael Fassbender This has to be the sexiest photoshoot ever of Fassy. omigod. I want to be that blonde or blondes, can’t tell if there are more than one, but whatthefuckever, I will be any of them or a fly on the damn wall even.




hockey players or tall children

Or, in Kaner and Shawzy’s case, short children

Or in Skinners case, child

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